A memoir about a maverick cowboy and a herd of wild horses by H. Alan Day and Lynn Wiese Sneyd

About the Authors

H. Alan Day has spent a lifetime ranching, cowboying, and loving horses. Lynn Wiese Sneyd has spent years writing and loving words.

Best-selling author

Bestselling author

H. Alan Day

Alan Day’s upbringing branded him a cowboy from the day he was born. He was part of the third generation to grow up on the 200,000-acre Lazy B cattle ranch straddling the high deserts of southern Arizona and New Mexico. The ranching and cowboy lifestyle appealed to him so greatly that after graduating from the University of Arizona, he returned to manage Lazy B for the next 40 years. During his career, he received numerous awards for his dedicated stewardship of the land.

In the 1980’s, Alan purchased a cattle ranch in Nebraska and soon after, a ranch in South Dakota. The latter became the first government-sponsored sanctuary for unadoptable wild horses. He developed and successfully used a herd modification-training program for his 2000 head of cattle and 1500 wild mustangs.

Alan and his sister, Sandra Day O’Connor, co-authored the New York Times bestselling memoir, Lazy B, which chronicles the story of the Day family and growing up on a harsh yet beautiful southwestern ranch.

Now retired from ranching, Alan divides his time between Tucson and Pinetop, Arizona.



Owner of LWS Literary Services and a published author

Owner of LWS Literary Services and a published author

Lynn Wiese Sneyd

Lynn Wiese Sneyd co-authored The Horse Lover with Alan Day. The owner of LWS Literary Services, Lynn specializes in ghostwriting, editing, book proposals, and book publicity. Lynn is the author of Holistic Parenting: Raising Children to a New Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being and co-author of Healthy Solutions: A Guide to Simple Healing and Healthy Wisdom, which received the Arizona Book Award for best health/nutrition/wellness book. Her articles, essays, and poetry have appeared in various publications around the country. She and her husband live in Tucson. Instead of a horse, they opted for two cats and a small dog. Follow Lynn on Twitter at @LWSLiterary.